Help Wanted: University Students and Researchers

Cybersafety India is developing programs just for university students to help you protect your security, privacy and reputation online. We are also seeking university volunteers to help deliver our programs locally to schools, parents, other university students and parents.

We are  also conducting studies and research to identify India's top cybersafety needs. Some of these may qualify as "independent studies" or "virtual internships" for university credit. We are happy to work with you and your academic advisors to get you  credit for your work with us.

Help Wanted: Educators and School Administrators/Policy Professionals

Our Cybersafety India pilots will begin with schools, parents and students in up to five locations in India. We are currently identifying partner schools and will be helping design school-connectivity digital best practices for connecting students, student/teacher interactions, bring-your-own-device policies, cyberbullying prevention and peer-leadership programs, as well as designing a professional development best practices certification program for educators and school administrators.

If this matches your skill set, please volunteer, We need your help.

Help Wanted: Parents and Caregivers

Although we will eventually offer programs for users of all ages, our Cybersafety India programs begin and end with Indian children from 3-18 years. And to keep children safer and more secure, we much educate and engage parents, helping them learn what they need to learn and providing needed support when things go wrong. We need parents to help form groups to train themselves and others.

Help Wanted: Website, App and Game Reviewers

One of our first and most important projects is building a walled-garden of safe, private and appropriate sites, games and apps for younger children 10>. They will be reviewed and approved based on Indian classic values agreed upon by leading educators and parent groups in India. We will train, and all work can be done online.