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Our Volunteers:

Teens, Professionals, Stay-at-Home Mums, Tech Developers, Administrators, Business Leaders, Rural Community Residents, Teachers, Trainers, Organizers, Writers, Artists, Editors, Members of the Media, Researchers, Students, School Prinipals and Administrators, Grandparents, Faithed-Based Organization Volunteers, Police, Lawyers, Doctors and Medical Professionals, Translators, Retired People, Young Parents, Millennials, Elders in India...residents of all 29 states and Indians living abroad...all are welcome. This program will grow and the lives of all Indians will be better because of your help. The only requirement - a carinng and helpful attitude.

We do not permit anyone who has been convicted of a crime, charged with crimes against women or children, or is affiliated with a radicalization group or is promoting radical values. This program is being designed by and with our volunteers and is dedicated to kindness, integrity and Indian personal values. It is being created to help everyone become connected in safer and more beneficial ways, not to spread fear or misinformation.

We have short-term positions (for an event or technology project), medium term positions (to help us in a specific region, with culturalization of content and for programs in schools) and long term positions (administrative, volunteer management, fundraising, research and operations).This program is a living and breathing effort, evolving with India's needs and improving through the help of all our volunteers. The more the merrier

Check Out Our Current Available Volunteer Positions and Needs: 

If you have an idea about what you would like to do, feel free to fill out the form and tell us where you would prefer to volunteer. If you aren't sure, we will try and place you based on your skills and interests. If you are willing to help wherever we need help, tell us that too. You can choose online volunteering activities or aree available for offline events and activities, tell us that too. We have more than enough work to go around. 

Corporate and NGO Volunteer Programs:

Corporations and faith-based and NGO organizations may offer volunteers and their help, and we welcome their contacting us through our supporter form

Things You Should Know:

All volunteer positions are unpaid, and unless a special situation and approval is noted, all volunteers cover their own expenses. Many volunteer positions are conducted online, from your home or office. Background checks will have to be conducted for all volunteers working with children, women and in training of individuals. And all volunteer positions are at-will and may be terminated by us at any time. 

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