Children, Parents and Schools in India are Our No.1 Priority

We address all digital risks for all consumer, family, senior and youth stakeholder groups, but our number one priority is and will always be childre. And we cannot help Indian children stay safe and become more digitally-literate without getting parents and schools on board, educated and more aware.

The School Pilot will be created in Delhi and Bangalore. We will be addressing schools around India, but five schools will be selected in those locations to help us design a digital-risk-management model for school networks, better school policies and procedures. These pilot schools will help frame the right balance and tone for students from 3 years old to 18 years old on all aspects of safe, responsible and secure digital practices, as well as delivery of cybersafety awareness and training for parents. IBM and other leading industry partners will help us create the right model for Indian schools, audit the best practices and help us deliver the proof of concept and template for schools everywhere in India. The programs will be customized for government schools of all levels, elite public schools in city centers and school models in between, as professional development certification programs for educators and school administrators and for government agencies and advisories.

To Apply to Be a Cybersafety India School

We appreciate how many schools in India want to be part of the pilot programs or partner schools and we are comitted to including all of you. But, please understanding that the expensieve and extensive pilot programs are very selective. The schools must commit to cybersafety best practices, they must be willing to sibmit to an audit of their current practices and to address gaps we identify. (This information is confidential, of course) They must provide programs for their parents (once trained) and access to their students for cybersafety education and programs. And they have to be exceptional - already doing a great job in education and community-building. You may apply to become one of India's five pilot Cybersafety India schools, or to be involved in supporting the programs, testing the programs and surveying their communities to help develop the perfect model for India. Click here to apply or request a presentation ot parents, teachers or students.