Perhaps the best way to describe us is by turning to what the Indian media leaders, Indian influencers and Indian youthschools and families are saying about us. The India Timees, the Business Standard and Business World have written about our work. Click on their names to access the articles.

What Indians are saying about us, from Bangalore, to Delhi, to Mumbai and small villages in between:

"You taught us so much about cyberbullying, and you weren't boring!" 16-year-old female student from Bangalore.

"You have inspired the students and made them think. I am grateful for your help and want to help you in return." School Principal.

"We were very impressed with your program and want to work with you going forward. We have more than 1000 girls who need your help." School Principal

"We want to volunteer to help you. We are working with a tiny village in the Himalyas where they have only two computers and limited mobile coverage. But they too need to understand cybersafety and develop good digital skills for their future." A founder of an environmental NGO

"I am afraid of what my 8-year-old daughter might encounter online, but the shcool assigns her work online. You have helped me understand how to keep her safer. Thank you!" A father in a rural community

"I had no idea how important cybersafety is to our employees, and am very pleased to be able to work with you to improve their safety and skills. It is both good for them and good for our company." A senior executive of a multi-national corporation

"Indian business must now give a portion of their profits to corporate social responsibility programs and initiatives. This is a wonderful way of helping them satify this legal obligation while serving the customers, employees and their families at the same time." A CSR executive from a multi-national corporation

"We didn't know what we should be concerned about, we were just concerned. You helped me understand that I don't have to be afriad of the Internet- I just need ot be better informed and learn how to make the right choices for my children." A mother with four young children

Everyone is talking about your presentation! a journalism student in Delhi

I didn't know how much I didn't know. a teen boy from Bangalore

I love that you are helping create a program that is really Indian, for Indian families. Our values and needs are different form the UK and the US. A corporate executive and father

I learned that cybersafety begins with me. student from a government school in Kerala

We have also been featured in several articles appearing in leading Indian publications (note that the articles refer to "WiredSafety India" as we had not yet acquired the exclusive rights to the name Cybersafety India. It is now a protected name and exclusive brand. 

The Business Standard India Sees a New Non-Profit To Tackle Cybercrime, Finds Backer in Dr. Parry Aftab. http://www.business-standard.com/article/current-affairs/india-sees-new-non-profit-to-tackle-cybercrime-finds-backer-in-crusader-parry-aftab-116060400675_1.html









We are all unpaid volunteers and most reside in India. Our founder is a US cyberlawyer and expert in cybercrime prevention. She created the first cybersafety group in the world, more than 21 years ago. Even she is an unpaid volunteer. Together with Ameer Shahul, IBM's government relations director for Asia, this program and new Indian trust was formed to address Indian needs in a uniquely Indian way.


We are governed by a Steering Committee, which is Indian-controlled. Our steering committee members represent industry, education, communications and policy leadership across India. There is an Advisory Board comprised of Indian and international thoughtleaders and experts, as well as a Board of International Advisors where leaders in the field form outside of India can controbute their expertise and experience. Our Operations Team contains those best able to help make the vision a reality, by managing programs, project planning and volunteer management. With the exception of three administrative staff hires, everyone will be unpaid volunteers, contributing their time and expertise to help their fellow Indians be smarter and safer online and reap the amazing benefits of digital technology, connectivity and innovation.

This entity will address the needs of all stakeholders in India for digital access, risk management cybercrime and abuse prevention and bring everyone together to create a new ecosystem of risk management, digital respect and promotion of Indian needs, rather than adopting the models used outside of India. 


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