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India is different. It has different needs from the West, different values and different standards. And every region has different languages, values and needs as well. That's why this new national cybersafety and cyberwellness program is uniquely Indian. It is entirely new and innovative. And it is designed specifically to meet the needs of all Indians for cybersafety, cybersecurity, cybercrime prevention, privacy and cyberwellness.


WiredSafety was the first cybersafety and help group in the world, operating since 1995 to help make the Internet safer. Cybersafety India is a new Indian Section 8 entity formed by WiredSafety's founder, cyberlawyer Parry Aftab together with leading Indian experts and industry, educational and business advisors. It is run by Indian volunteers answering to an India Steering Committee. It is operated using Indian values.


Cybersafety India is not delivering Western programs to India. Instead, while having access to the largest library of cybersafety programs in the world through WiredSafety and StopCyberbullying Global, it will build new programs, initiatives and approaches customized for India, based on classic Indian values, what Indians of all ages want to access and helping them stay safer online. The program will begin in English and Hindi, and expand to 31 Indian languages and all 29 states. It will be offered online and offline throughout Indian communities, large and small without charge.


This program addresses parents' concerns about pornography, cyberbullying, misinformation, social media, mobile, digital reputations and fraud. It will assist schools to become safer and more effective in their adoption and deployment of digital technology. A special walled-garden of sites, apps and networks that meet Indian parents' concerns and are safe for India children will be gathered and captured in a closed app, where the children can have fun among trusted sites. It will also educate the young people directly, helping them share their special insights into ways to make the digital world safer, more private and more secure for each other. But it is not only for children. It is for everyone in India!


Cybersafety India assists millennials and university students protect their digital reputations and understand about the special risks they face online with cyberdating apps and social media. It will also train the industry to identify risks and address them when designing new technologies and adopt digital best practices for safer products and services for India. And adults learn to protect themselves and their families in cyberspace and on mobile, while also learning how to benefit from digital innovation. Even Indian cyberlawyers, cybercrime specialists and law enforcement agencies become better trained to address cybercrime prevention in India.


We help create a safer online world using Indian classic values, culture and needs. To do this, we need your help.
We are all volunteers and our programs are free for everyone.

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